Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have downloaded Adobe Flash Player but I still cannot see myself on the video screen.


If you have downloaded Adobe Flash Player but you still cannot see yourself on video screen, please make sure you have enabled the Flash Player in your browser settings:

If it’s Chrome:

If it’s Safari:

If it’s Firefox:

Q. Watch video tutorial


Before you start your video interview watch the video tutorial:

Q. What is video interviewing?


Video interviewing is an alternative for phone interviews or face to face interviews. Videos can be recorded by job seekers and viewed by recruiters at any time, and therefore both parties do not have to be online simultaneously. There is no need for scheduling. You can record the interview any time and any place.

You now have complete flexibility over when you want to take an interview. A Jobatar video interview helps to convey the passion and personality that a CV simply cannot do.

Q. How does video interviewing work?


The employer will send you a link on your email with your personal interview code. The link will take you to the interview page where you can start answering the interview questions the employer has put together for you.

You can take as many practice questions as you would like before the interview starts ( Record and play back). This way you can get used to positioning yourself and talking into the camera, as well as ensuring your camera and microphone on your computer work.

For each interview question you have 25 seconds of preparation time before the video starts recording you answer. The employer has set the time for how long you have to respond to each question, but if you finishing answering before the time allowed is up, you can stop the recording and move on to the next question.

Once you have answered all the questions you can leave a Thank You Message or Thank you video recording for the employer.

The employer will review your video answers and will get back to you about the next steps of the hiring process.

Q. How many questions do I need to complete?


It depends on how many questions the employer would like to ask you. It can be anything from one to ten (1- 10) questions.

Q. Do I have to take the video interview?


Yes, the employer has chosen to make video interviewing a component of their recruitment process, just like a phone interview or face to face. You should treat this like any other step of the recruitment process if you are interested in the position.

Q. How do I access the interview?


You can access the interview through the link and personal interview code sent to you via email on Smartphone , Tablet or PC.

If you take your interview on PC you can also go to and log in as a candidate with your personal interview code.

If you take your interview on mobile or tablet, you need to download the Jobatar App from App Store or Google Play and log in with your interview code.

Q. My interview code does not work


  1. Make sure you have not left any spaces before or after the interview code.
  2. The interview code field is case sensitive.
  3. Also make sure you use Candidate section and not the Employer log-in section.
  4. If you still cannot access the interview, please email and supply your interview code, the job and the company/employer where you applying.

Q. What about my privacy?


Privacy is very important to us and our clients. The interviews are only accessible by the employer and recruitment team of the position you are applying for. All video interviews are safely secured and encrypted in line with EU data protection laws in state of the art facilities.

Q. Do I need special equipment?


To record a video interview all you need is a PC with webcam, and up-to-date internet browser with Adobe Flash plugin


Alternatively you can also record the interview on your Smartphone or Tablet by downloading the free Jobatar App from the App Store or Google Play.

Make sure you have strong internet connection to record the interview and on mobile we advise using a Wifi connection or somewhere with a strong consistent 3G signal.

Q. Can I record the interview on mobile or tablet?


Jobatar supports iOS and Android devices. We support iPhone 5, 5S, 6 and 6+ and most Android phones from version 4 onwards.

To record the interview on mobile or tablet, you need to download the free Jobatar App from the App Store or Google Play and enter your interview code to start the interview.

Q. Instead of seeing myself I see a white box on the video screen. Why?


You need to turn on the Flash plugin on your camera and connect to the video server. The box that will be displayed looks like this:

  1. In order to proceed you need to tick BOTH “Allow” and “Remember” before Jobatar can access the camera and then you won’t see this box again.
  2. If you did not see this box or you cannot tick anything, click on the video recording box with the right button of your mouse and select “Settings”.
  3. You might also see a pop-up box below your browsing tab asking you to “Allow” Jobatar to use your camera. Make sure to click “Allow”.
  4. If still experiencing issues then you will need to make sure your camera has been set up properly.
    1. Try using another browser browser and
    2. Try making a skype or facetime call to confirm there is no issue with the camera itself.
    3. Make sure no other application or web application is using the camera at the same time.
  5. If you are still unable to record an interview but have confirmed that your webcam is definitely working then please contact us at and we will do our best to assist you.

Q. I don’t have a webcam or my webcam doesn’t work. Now what?


If you do not have a webcam on your PC, you can download the Jobatar App from App Store or Google Play onto your smartphone or tablet and complete the interview on that device.

If you do not have any supported devices to record the interview, please contact us at and mention the company name and position you are applying for.

Q. Can I take a practice video?


Absolutely. We recommend that you practice as many times as necessary until you feel comfortable with the process. You can record, play-back and record again, as many times as you like. You get to do this after you have logged into the system with your interview code and before the interview starts.

Q. There is no sound on my video. Why?


Make sure you have turned on your speakers and that the volume is high enough. Even though the microphone can be fine, the speakers might be turned off or on mute. Make sure to test your speakers by recording the practice video and playing it back.

Flash Settings
Make sure that the problem is not related to Flash Settings.
More information about Flash Settings can be found on Adobe Flash Help page.

You can adjust Flash settings:
1. With a right click on the camera screen
2. Choose Settings
3. Click on microphone icon and see if you can find your microphone in the list as below
4. Make sure the recording volume has been set high enough

MAC settings

On a MAC it might help if you just hit the F12 (volume up) button on your keyboard. If you cannot find any microphone in the list, there might be no microphone on the computer or the device drivers of the microphone have not been installed properly.

Windows XP Settings

On Windows you can find volume settings under Control Panel -> Sounds Hardware and Sound -> Sound-> Recording Tab -> choose Microphone icon -> choose Properties -> Levels tab -> Click Sound icon

Make sure it’s not on mute, and make sure the Microphone is loud enough.

It still doesn’t work

If you still can’t get it to work, restart your computer and try another browser. Make sure you have the most up to date version of Chrome or Firefox or Safari. If still not successful, let us know at

Q. Video is not loading or loading very slowly. What should I do?


Make sure you have strong internet connection and when recording the interview on mobile or tablet, make sure you have strong 3G OR Wifi connection.

Also make sure no other application is already using your camera.

Q. Can I see the questions before starting the interview?


Jobatar interview mimics a face to face interview so you will not be able to see the questions beforehand. You are given 25 seconds to prepare for each question after it appears, so that you can position yourself to start the interview.

Q. What if something happened during the recording or I need to pause the interview?


You cannot pause when you have started recording a question, however once that question has finished you will be asked if you are ready to take the next question. If you are not then you can log out and return at a later date or time to complete the interview, and when you return you will start from where you left off.

Q. What next when I have finished the interview?


Once you have finished, that is all that you have to do, we do the rest, an email is automatically sent to the hiring manager to tell them that you have completed the video interview and that they can review your answers. You will be contacted by the employer about the next steps.

If you have an enquiry about the status of your job/position /application or you would not like to proceed any further with the recruitment process, please contact the employer directly.

Jobatar provides a software solution and has no working knowledge or any direct involvement in the position/s you may be applying for and we do not forward to or otherwise contact employers on your behalf.

Q. Problems with webcam


Webcam was not found

1. Make sure that you have a webcam. Make a right click on the camera screen and choose Settings

2. Click on the Webcam icon and see if you can see camera on the list

If you can’t see a webcam in the list, the device drivers may not have been installed for the webcam. Contact your webcam manufacturer for further details. You can always buy an external Webcam for you PC OR download the free Jobatar App to your Smartphone or Tablet and record the interview from there.

It doesn’t start recording

1. Make sure any other application such as Skype, Microsoft Lync or Google Talk is not using the camera. Close all the applications that might affect Jobatar using your camera.

2. Make sure you click ‘Allow’ and ‘Remember’ on the Flash Player Settings box appearing on the video screen.

3. Make sure you have allowed Jobatar to use your camera and microphone. The pop-up may appear as below depending on the browser you are using.

I still cannot get it work

If you still cannot get it work, try to restart your computer and try with another browser again by following all the previous steps. Make sure your browser and Flash Player are up to date. If you are still experiencing problems contact

Q. What kind of mobile phones and tablets are supported?


Jobatar supports iOS and Android phones and tablets

1) iPhone 5, 5S, 6 and 6+ and iPad

2) Most Android phones are supported from version 4 onwards

Q. 3G and Wifi problems


When using a 3G connection we recommend turning Wi-Fi completely off as your phone or tablet can try cycling between the two sometimes, which causes dips in connectivity which impact streaming type services.

Q. Sound problems on iPad/iPhone


iOS phones and tablets may ask you to allow the use of microphones. In case you have declined the app access to your microphone previously you have to follow these steps:

1. If the App asks you to allow Jobatar to use your Microphone, click Allow

2. OR go to Settings -> Privacy -> Microphone
Open the Microphone settings and make sure Jobatar has been allowed to use your microphone.


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